TWO:ELEVEN is all about relationships. For so many, the idea of religion and coming to church  is all about rules and restrictions. God has something so much more in mind for us to experience. That experience is all about relationships. Relationships with each other, but more importantly a relationship with God. In our world today it’s so easy to connect with people without ever actually meeting them. We want to flip that on its head.  It’s our desire to meet together so when we’re in the world, we have something different to take with us into the world. Something that draws people.  Something that begs others to ask questions about why we are different.

We meet two times during the week. On Wednesday nights we worship and study God’s Word together to grow closer to God and one another. On Sunday mornings we meet together at 10am to open up the Word of God and allow Him to show us something new and relevant in our lives.

We hope you will join us at one or more of our meetings and become a part of something special; something greater than ourselves.

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